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Instagram Hashtag Strategy Upgraded

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If we provide you our topnotch Instagram Hashtags Strategy, now you know how important choosing the right hashtags is.

Because both people and Instagram are evolving everyday, what was true a couple of months ago may need some adjustments. Some hashtags are more or less used by your targeted audience (which means the level of engagement to rank on them is changing), new hashtags appear while other disappear.

Well, you need someone to upgrade your strategy, and stay up to date with the market behavior.

When you sign up for our Instagram Hashtags Strategy Upgraded plan, you receive every month a complete set of hashtags 100% up to date depending on your niche.

Our team keeps on monitoring your market, and every single hashtag we sent you in the first place... and sends you monthly a new strategy.

Based on your original hashtag strategy, you get:

  • A review and update of the list of hashtags matching your needs at this exact time. They are handpicked and manually verified, chosen for your account only.

  • Each hashtag comes with a revised total post count AND minimum amount of likes. This way you know EXACTLY where your content has the possibility to rank.

  • A tiered structure - all your tags will be separated and organized into tiers that you will use based on your current engagement and exposure. If some hashtags move up or down, we will update the tiers.

By using the right hashtags in relation to your niche and your engagement level, Instagram will expose your content to the right people and your account will grow with people interested in what you have to say (and sell).

This service comes as a monthly subscription plan. You can cancel it when ever you want.

NB: We offer this service in English and French only. Please contact us if you need it in other languages.