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Instagram Account Full Detox

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Your engagement rate is becoming increasingly important, even more critical than the number of followers you have. Every recent change Instagram has made to its algorithm aims to make your engagement your main asset.

Many brands and influencers have purchased Fake followers in the past, not knowing they were penalizing their account more than they were helping it.

Also, even if you have not bought any fake followers, the more your account grows, the more you get "Ghost Followers"... and unfortunately, they penalize your account's performance.

Don't worry, we can help fix these problems once for all.

Instagram Account Full Detox is a deep audit of your followers. We identify all the bots, fakes, ghosts and dead accounts... and we block them for you, so they don't penalize your engagement anymore. Yes, your account will grow organically without you doing anything other than posting good content.

Thanks to this exclusive solution offered by Digidust, your account will be in good health again and your engagement rate will skyrocket.

What we do:

. We identify all the dead accounts in your followers, and block them your account is healthy again,

. We tell you much more about your current community, and give you insightful information: a list of the accounts liking your posts, a list of the accounts commenting your posts, a list of the accounts engaging with you but not following you yet, etc...


What you also need to know...

. We never disclose who our clients are for this service, to anyone.

. If you have bought Fake accounts, you are in good hands with us. We don't judge. We simply work hard and fix your account in a matter of weeks.

. If you're an influencer, YOU DEFINITELY NEED THIS SERVICE. Right now, you charge for your influence, and some clients don't understand that the quality of your audience matters more. They will figure out very soon as Influencer Marketing's budgets are growing too, and you want to stand out from the crowd of the fake influencers.

. We send you the list BEFORE blocking anyone, so you can tell us if you want to keep some of these accounts, or how low you want to go so your stats don't look bad either. Just blocking 10% of them is good for your engagement.

. It doesn't matter if you have 2,000 followers or 20,000... We clean your account and make it organic*.

* If you have more than 20,000 followers before we start, please contact us for a specific quote.