About Digidust Growth

We created Digidust Growth back in in the days because we thought it is more exciting to help many clients develop their business than to focus on one product just for us. Founding a Digital Marketing Agency seemed to us being the best way to achieve that need of diversity, and also the right setup to make a difference for the people hiring us.

From the beginning, we were defined by our first clients as "marketers who understand technology and keep in mind the big picture".  We kept that description since then because we think it's a very accurate way to say who we are and what we do.

We use the most advanced technologies every day for marketing purpose because we are digital native and we don't even know another way. By mastering APIs and Social Media platforms, we can bring our clients the power to do much more with less.

Digidust has headquarters in the United States and in France, and we have team mates in 7 different countries. Most of our people work remotely from where they are, what they do and doing it well being more important than how long they do it daily.

Our clients are mainly very large companies or public institutions, startups, celebrities and professional athletes.

 Digidust Clients