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Our Social Media Growth team has been nurturing communities since 2011. We have a proven expertise in Social Media Marketing, combining very powerful engagement tactics, deep knowledge and cutting edge technologies.

This website is dedicated to our Twitter & Instagram Marketing Services. It's basically everything you need to grow your Social Media account with real and active followers who will skyrocket your engagement rate, and eventually end up generating you leads.

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What our clients say

"I wanted to improve engagement with local followers and results are amazing. I get tons of traction and my community has dramatically increased. It's great for marketing. I've tried many other companies before and I can tell you none could perform like Digidust does."

Josh P. - Restaurant Owner - Miami, FL - United States

(Services tested - Growth and Engagement)

"Our Marketing Agency works with many well-known brands and clients in UK. We love the team at Digidust because they are business focused. Their targeting is excellent and we get real results, not just numbers, on both Twitter and Instagram."

Kim C. - Senior Social Media Manager - London, United Kingdom

(Services tested - Growth and Hashtags)

"I've been stuck around a thousand followers for almost 2 years. The guys at Digidust made their magic, and now my Instagram is vibrant. In my business, vibrant means they generate leads I can turn into clients and money. Using Digidust Growth at God Speed is my best marketing investment so far, even better than Facebook Ads."

Michael J. - Real Estate Broker - NYC - United States

(Services tested - Growth, Engagement, Coaching and Hashtags)

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